Truck Accident Attorneys – Truck Drivers Can Be Deceitful
//Truck Accident Attorneys – Truck Drivers Can Be Deceitful

Truck Accident Attorneys – Truck Drivers Can Be Deceitful

Truck Drivers Can Be Deceitful

Even if the truck driver in question was undoubtedly at fault for the mishap that caused your injuries and losses, he or she will have little incentive, to tell the truth, either in negotiations or on the witness stand. Most truckers who are found liable for causing 18 wheeler accidents will likely be fired, and he or she stands little chance of finding employment in their livelihood of choice.truck accident attorneys
What company is going to hire a driver with a history of causing his employer to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars? Like you, truck drivers have to provide for families and loved ones, and if they lose their jobs, they will be unable to adequately feed their families. Even honest and decent people may find themselves saying lies they otherwise would never say in order to save their livelihood. More on this website

Our Law Office once had for a client a victim who endured an injury in a mishap with a tractor-trailer, and our client found himself being accused by the truck driver for causing the accident by driving at night with his headlights turned off. During the accident scene investigation, our attorneys noticed a surveillance camera at a nearby business that was pointed directly at the accident site. After obtaining a copy of the surveillance video, our lawyers reviewed the tape and found with crystal clear clarity that our client was driving with his headlights on. We caught the trucker in a bald-faced lie. In many instances, trucking accident cases involve deception and deceit, and an experienced trucking accident law firm can properly interview and depose the truck driver in order to ask those questions that will reveal his or her lies. Our attorneys have conducted thousands of interviews and depositions, and we know how to get truck drivers to reveal the truth and recover compensation for our clients. More here

Self-insured Trucking Companies Are a Problem

Though federal law requires trucking companies to carry insurance, the law does not require these companies to purchase insurance through traditional carriers. Some companies opt to self insure. What this means is that these companies set aside a certain percentage of their assets to cover compensation claims that inevitably will happen as a result of doing business in the trucking industry. These companies can be very difficult to negotiate or work with. Regular insurance carriers are not only subject to federal regulation, but insurance adjusters are also compelled to abide by federal ethical codes and standards, and if an adjuster should violate these codes, he or she could lose their license or job. This is not the case with self-insured trucking companies, since their company officers are not subject to any ethical codes or standards, and as a result, these trucking company officials are not bound to act in good faith. On the contrary, these officials have a well-deserved reputation for acting in unscrupulous ways, and they are known to bully, intimidate, witness, and evidence tamper and act in a nearly criminal manner. The reason for their unethical behavior is simple. Their salaries and bonuses are tied to company profitability, and the more they approve compensation claims, the less money they make to provide for their families and support their standard of living. They have every incentive to try to deny or minimize your rightful compensation claim in order to save what amounts to essentially their own money. If you hire our big rig accident law firm, we take all necessary measures, including legal action, to compel these self-insured trucking company officials to negotiate and act in good faith.

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