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Truck Accident Attorneys San Antonio

18-wheelers make a huge presence on our roads and highways. Depending upon their load, they can weight up to 80,000 pounds. Other vehicles are no match when it comes to an accident with a semi. These accidents are among the deadliest. Think safety when sharing the road with them. Give them plenty of room by not following too close, not cutting in front too close and avoiding their blind spots.

Trucking Regulations On The State And Federal Level

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In an effort to avoid serious commercial vehicle 18 wheeler accidents, Texas and the federal government strictly regulate the trucking industry. There are regulations in place for:

  • Hazardous material transportation

  • Use and testing of alcohol and drugs

  • Health and safety of semi drivers and trucking companies

  • Commercial drivers’ license

Our San Antonio truck accident attorney truck accident attorneys know how serious and life-altering an 18-wheeler accident can be for a victim injured in a truck accident. We have the experience and commitment to see you through the ordeal and see that you get fair compensation.

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18 Wheeler / Commercial Truck Accident Statistics

Big Rigs carry the largest share of goods shipped in the United States 62.7 percent of the tonnage and 61.9 percent of the value and remain the primary mode for shipments moved less than 750 miles. More trucks on the road means more accidents. Here are some alarming statistics:

A total of 4,102 people died in large semi crashes in 2017.

Seventeen percent of these deaths were 18 wheeler occupants 68 percent were occupants of cars and other passenger vehicles 14 percent were pedestrians, bicyclists or motorcyclists.

These statistics should be a wake-up call to be very cautious when sharing the road with 18-wheelers.

Commercial Motor Vehicle Crashes Statistics in San Antonio, Texas

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Why Does A San Antonio Truck Accident Pose Such A Risk?

Commercial vehicles like trucks, tractor trailers, and 18 wheelers are essential for the smooth functioning economy as they help move goods across Texas and other parts of the country. Unfortunately, because of the ever growing number of commercial vehicles on the roads,  truck accidents are increasing and have become one of the major road hazards across the country. As per our analysis, there are quite a few reasons why these huge vehicles pose such a risk for life and property on the roads.

  • Truck drivers are poorly trained and supervised to handle huge vehicles.
  • Truck drivers are instructed to transport goods in a shorter timespan that often results in speeding.
  • The trucks are not well maintained by the trucking companies.
  • Sleepiness or drowziness

Large trucks can restrict the visibility of passenger vehicle drivers due to their huge size,

Dangers and Causes of Truck Accidents

Our San Antonio truck accident lawyers report that truck accidents are one of the major causes of deaths and serious injuries. Commercial vehicles like eighteen-wheelers and trucks are heavier than passenger vehicles and require more stopping distance even while breaking. However, passenger vehicles like cars and bikes are less agile and can easily come under the truck if there is a slight miscalculation by the driver. In addition, some truck companies encourage their drivers to float safety rules to maintain profitability. All these factors result in accidents that cause serious injuries such as traumatic brain injruries, spinal injuries etc .,

Semi-truck accidents are extremely deadly. There are many things that contribute to accidents;

If a truck is not properly loaded, the centre of gravity may be off. If the trailer was hastily and improperly loaded or because of a design flaw, the result could be the same. This can lead to a rollover which, of course, can be disastrous for cars in the vicinity.

Blind spots on a semi-truck are much larger than that of a car. In addition, they have more blind spots. They cannot see all around the truck, which plays a part in many accidents. Just as the design of different cars causes blind spots, the same applies to trucks.

The design of a truck and trailer can contribute to deadly accidents. If the trailer is high enough for a car to get somewhat under it, the chances of an underride accident are increased.

Have You Been Injured in a San Antonio – South Texas Semi Accident? Contact our Experienced, Professional Truck Accident Attorneys!

Our 18 wheeler accident attorneys in San Antonio understand that being injured in a commercial truck accident /semi accident is traumatizing. We will be there for you during this difficult time. Our skilled San Antonio truck accident attorneys have the compassion, experience, and determination to see you through to fair and just compensation. Please call our truck crash attorneys at our San Antonio law office for an initial free consultation.

Your Rights Explained By Our San Antonio Truck Accident Lawyer

Our law firm’s experienced San Antonio truck accident lawyers have been able to bring to book such negligent drivers and their insurance companies under Texas law.  We specialize in protecting the interests of truck accident victims who are liable to receive maximum compensation to meet their medical expenses and lost wages. However, there are a few important things you need to do so that our attorneys can help you if you are an accident victim caused by a commercial vehicle viz., tractor-trailers, large trucks, etc .,

If you are in a position to do so –

  • Immediately file a police complaint against the driver and the company.
  • Take photos and document the scene of the accident and injuries while you seek the required medical treatment.
  • Get the contact details of the driver and the insurance company.
  • Discuss legal options with an accident lawyer

Hire Our  Experienced Truck Accident Lawyers In San Antonio

Our Experienced San Antonio truck accident lawyers understand the emotional and financial burden of the victim involved in a truck accident. However, it would be best if you acted fast so we can protect your best interests and rights as covered by the law. Speedy action is crucial because the trucking company will immediately send their lawyers and insurance companies to investigate the accident to find evidence and loopholes supporting their insurance claim. This initiative of a trucking company will put you at a serious disadvantage. Our legal team will work on your case and collect as much evidence and documents as possible. But we need to start as soon as possible without any delays. Our truck injury lawyer provides the required commercial help to follow the claim process and ensure that you receive the maximum compensation you deserve. So, don’t wait to contact expert injury attorneys at our law firm if you or your dear ones have met with a truck accident in San Antonio, Texas.

Safety Measures and The Trucking Industry

Trucking companies, maintenance of their trucks and the actual commercial big rig drivers all should play an equal part in keeping the roads and highway they travel safe.

Reputable trucking companies put safety first. They are responsible for maintaining the safe working conditions of their 18 wheelers. Mechanics, manufacturers and parts manufacturers share responsibility for safe maintenance.

There are many components to a semi-truck. Anyone of them could malfunction or break down causing unsafe driving conditions. By law, trucks must undergo thorough system checks on a regular basis. The most common accident-causing components are:

Tires – Good tires are crucial to safe driving. A defective tire can blow out making it extremely difficult for the truck driver to control the truck.

Brakes – Strong and well-working brakes are critical in a semi-truck. The braking system of a truck is very complicated and demands a rigorous inspection and required maintenance.

Coupling devices – Coupling devices are what connects the trailer to the cab of a truck. It is imperative that they are in perfect condition. If the coupling device were to fail, the outcome would be disastrous.

A semi-truck in safe working condition and well maintained still needs a good driver to keep our roads and highways safe. A good truck driver should be well experienced, alert and well-rested, healthy and sober. An 80,000-pound truck can be a weapon of destruction under less than desirable conditions. Truckers have to travel long distances at high speed and for extended periods of time. The stress of being pushed to meet their goals creates fatigue that can be dangerous. Sitting in a truck for endless hours creates a sedentary lifestyle that is unhealthy and can add to the list of risk factors.

FAQs On Truck Accidents

A police report of your accident is an important document required throughout the process of going forward with your personal injury claim. This report will contain all the details of the accident. It should include all pertinent information that led to the accident and of the person at fault.  Witness statements, evidence, citations, and other crucial details that will make your case strong. Our Experienced San Antonio truck accident lawyers who are experts in personal injury law can help check the accuracy of the report to ensure there are no mistakes.

An injured truck accident victim in San Antonio, Tx, is eligible for different compensations that include punitive damages, economic and non-economic damages.

  • Economic damages are reimbursements for financial expenses related to your accident. It includes lost wages, medical bills, property damages, vehicle replacement or repairs, and other related costs.
  • Non-economic damages are compensation for the loss of companionship and enjoyment, emotional distress. It takes care of the pain and suffering you went through after the accident.
  • Punitive damages are awarded to the driver to punish him for reckless, negligent or intentional behavior.

Contact our San Antonio truck accident attorney to know more about the damages that you are entitled for.

You must understand that insurance companies are a profit-making businesses, they will work to deny you the benefits or reduce the compensation. Insurance companies will start the investigation immediately to understand the situation and take advantage of an unrepresented accident victim. They will try to negotiate with you and make you to agree to an undervalued settlement or out rightly deny legitimate claims. It is always best to seek legal advice from our truck accident lawyer in San Antonio before you accept their offer.

As per the federal and state liability laws, the entity whose negligence caused the wreck is liable for all the damages, including property damage. In most situations, the truck companies are held responsible for the accidents involving their commercial truck, even if it is due to the driver’s negligence. It does not matter if the driver is on payroll or a contract employee hired for the job. The trucking companies can also be held responsible even if the truck driver indirectly contributed to the accident.

If you are involved in an accident, you are entitled to get financial compensation if you are 49% or lesser at fault for the accident. However, you may not be fully compensated. So, the best thing to do if you are involved in a truck accident in San Antonio is to cooperate with the law but do not take responsibility for the accident. There could be various factors that led to the accident, which you may not be aware of. If you accept responsibility, trucking companies will easily win the case. Contact our experienced personal  injury lawyer who specialize in handling truck accident cases to file a winning lawsuit against the fault parties