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San Antonio Dog Bite Lawyers

Most of us love dogs and think of them as man’s best friend. Once bitten by a dog, your opinion may change. We usually hear about the cases that cause severe injury on the news. Dog bites are much more common and frequent than the occasional ones that we hear about.

Dogs don’t have to be provoked to bite. It is crucial you teach your children to be cautious around dogs and to never approach a dog they are not already familiar with. Even a seemingly docile neighbor’s dog can turn vicious.

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Texas leads the nation in fatal dog bites. From 2005-2019, there have been 62 Texans lost their life as a result of dog bites. Pit bulls were responsible for 76% of the total recorded deaths. The second most lethal dog breed, rottweilers, accounted for 15%.

Since the burden of proof lies on the victim, the need for experienced dog bite lawyer is critical to get compensation for your injury. These cases are complicated and emotional. Our firm specializes in personal injury and will fight aggressively for your rights and the compensation you deserve.

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We Take Your Dog Bite Case Serious

First and foremost, you should seek medical attention if you have bitten by an animal, even if you think the bite is minor. There should be testing and necessary medical treatment. Best case scenario, the dog owner will be present to provide information about the attacking dog. If not, you must try to locate the owner. For your case, you will need:

  • The dog owner’s name, address and phone number
  • The dog owner’s insurance information

  • The dog’s health and vaccination history

  • Knowledge of whether or not the knine has displayed aggressive behavior in the past

Animal Attack Injuries That Require The Help Of An Attorney

A dog bite can be minor, severe, life-altering or even fatal. You should always seek medical attention. If the Knine bite was serious, you would be wise to seek legal advice. Example of serious injuries:

  • Broken or fractured bones

  • Deep cuts and lacerations resulting in scarring or disfigurement and transmitting diseases

  • Severe bites that may require reconstructive surgery

  • Soft tissue injuries that cause immobility or the need for physical therapy

  • Emotional trauma caused by the knine attack

  • Death

State Of Texas and Dog Ownership Laws

Texas is a One Bite State. That is a rule that says that the owner of a domesticated animal will be held strictly liable for injuries caused by the animal only if the owner knew or should have known about the animal’s dangerous or vicious propensities, which have been manifested in the past. Therefore, victims of animal attacks must prove the owner knew or should have known of the dangerous or vicious propensities of the dog in order to prevail in a civil lawsuit.

Texas One Bite Rule

In addition, Texas has a dangerous dog law, Lillian’s Law. Under the law, the owner of a loose knine that causes injury or death can be prosecuted if the owner is found to be “criminally negligent” in failing to prevent the animal from escaping.

Negligence By The Dogs Owner(s)

In order to begin a dog bite case, the victim has to prove one of two things:

1.The pet owner had knowledge that their dog has been aggressive or bitten someone in the past.
2. The pet owner did not prevent the attack by virtue of not keeping the dog inaccessible to anyone coming around the animal.

To prove negligence on the dog owner’s part, victims have to prove:

  • Ownership of the dog

  • The dog owner had a duty to prevent his dog from injuring others

  • The dog owner did not live up to the duty of preventing the dog attack

  • The dog owner’s lack of duty caused the victim’s injury

Texas Strict Liability Law

A dog that has bitten a person in the past can be labeled as vicious or dangerous. A person bitten by a dog labeled as such will most likely be able to be compensated for their injury. In this case, they would need to provide evidence that the dog has been deemed as dangerous.

Animal Control Violations

Dog owners who do not abide by animal control regulations stand the chance of being found negligent if their lack of compliance leads to a dog bite injury.

Anyone witnessing a dog attack may be held liable if they do not take steps to stop the attack.

City of San Antonio’s animal code reads:

All dogs must be confined to their owner’s property at all times except when on a leash. Animal Care Officers have the legal authority to enter unenclosed front yards of private property to impound unrestrained animals.

San Antonio’s Investigative Process on Dog Bites

If you or someone you love is bitten by a dog, the following occurs:

You or your attorney report the dog bite to the appropriate city department. This will require a sworn affidavit describing all the details of the attack – date, location, owner of the dog and description of the dog.

The police with investigate the incident and may impound the dog.

If the dog is taken from the owner, it will not be returned until the time the owner complies with the legal requirements for dangerous dogs.

What Kind of Damages Might You Receive from a Bite Injury?
  • All medical costs, prescriptions and surgery if necessary

  • Future medical costs if you require multiple surgeries

  • Lost wages from work

  • Lost future earnings if you are no longer able to work

  • Pain and suffering

Contact Our Dog Bite Lawyers in San Antonio Today!

Dog bites can be quite severe and sometimes fatal. Even a minor bite can be traumatic, especially for a child. If you or someone you love has been bitten, first seek medical attention, then contact an experienced san antonio dog bite attorney. We have decades of experience with dog bite cases. We will fight aggressively to protect and rights and help you through the legalities to obtain compensation for your injuries. Call our dog bite lawyer to schedule a free consultation.