Personal Injury Law – Motorcycle Accident Attorneys
//Personal Injury Law – Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Personal Injury Law – Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Personal Injury Law – Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Motorcycle accidents are a type of motor vehicle accident that is especially likely to result in injuries. The latest statistics compiled by the NHTSA indicate that 81,000 people were injured in motorcycle accidents in the United States in one year alone. That year, 4,612 motorcycle accident fatalities were recorded on the country’s roads.motorcycle accident lawyers

On the whole, mile for mile traveled, motorcycle riders are 30 times more likely to die in a crash than occupants of passenger vehicles.

When a motorcycle rider has been killed or injured, it may be possible to collect an award for damages to pay for the cost of the injury, which can include lost wages as well as medical expenses.

There is room for improvement, and if riders use good sense and comply with the law, they can reduce their chances of a crash. Visit this page

Motorcycles Equipped For Safety

Texas state law requires all motorcycle operators to equip their bikes with safety in mind. Good lighting certainly helps motorcycles to be more visible to others on the road. Every motorcycle licensed in Texas must have the following lights:

Tail Lamp
Stop Lamp
License Plate Lamp
Rear Red Reflector
Head Lamp

The law also mandates that bikes must have fenders on both wheels and at least one functioning brake operated by hand or foot. Motorcycle exhaust systems must pass state standards for emissions containment and noise control.

Protecting Riders And Passengers

Wearing a helmet can be a lifesaver. In Texas, however, it is optional.

In order to carry a passenger on a motorcycle, the motorcycle has to have a seat and footrests for the passenger, and the passenger must ride behind the operator. Sidecars are also a legally compliant way to bring a passenger along.

Operators can carry passengers of any age, even children, but any passenger on a bike has to be able to reach the footrests and be able to hold on to the driver securely. The passenger also must be able to behave in a mature manner and follow directions. More on this website

Skills Are Important For Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle operators who exercise common sense, follow the law, and stay vigilant are doing the right things to help protect themselves and their passengers. Riders will also benefit from classes in motorcycle operation, learning about braking safely, cornering, avoiding skids, and many other techniques expert riders practice.

Even doing all they can, motorcyclists can run afoul of a careless driver, and a collision can happen. After a motorcycle accident, it’s time to find skilled legal help. An attorney will work hard to obtain the payment needed to aid in a motorcycle crash victim’s recovery.

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