Motorcycle Accidents Have Many Different Causes
//Motorcycle Accidents Have Many Different Causes

Motorcycle Accidents Have Many Different Causes

Motorcycle Accidents Have Many Different Causes

Motorbike accidents, as with other road traffic accidents, can happen without the involvement of another driver. Road vehicles can overturn, drivers can lose control, and unexpected hazards such as sharp bends or ditches can be the causes of road traffic accidents. For motorcyclists, there are even more hazards to consider than for other road users. Motorbike accidents can often occur due to hazards such as:

Oil or slippery patches on the road
General slippery road surfaces (Stone Mastic Asphalt)
Potholes and poor road conditions
Gravel patches on the road
Faults with the motorcycle

In any case of personal injury due to a motorcycle accident, the initial step to take in making a claim for financial compensation is to speak to a personal injury lawyer, preferably one who specializes in road traffic accidents. This will ensure you process your claim effectively and get the maximum financial compensation for your personal injury.

Motorcycle Accidents And Defective Roads

If you are unfortunate enough to have had an accident due to a pothole or a defective road surface, it is important that you appoint a lawyer to gather evidence about your circumstances. Considerations need to be made about how long the defect has been there, if you already knew about the defective surface and whether anyone else has already reported it.

Most cases of personal injury due to a motorcycle accident on a defective road will result in a claim against the city or state. If they are not responsible, the relevant authority responsible for the road will be held liable. It will need to be shown that the road surface presents a real danger to traffic.

If the road has oil or another slippery substance on it that should not be there, the same process should be followed. There are many ways in which road surfaces can be inadequate, therefore if you have a motorcycle accident that you feel is not entirely your fault then contact a lawyer to speak through your options.

Motorcycle Accidents And Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA)
This substance is extremely slippery even in dry conditions. For car users, the substance usually clears from the road through excessive use over a period of about two years. However, for motorcyclists, who often use areas of the road that the car does not, SMA always presents a danger of a motorcycle accident.

If you think you may have had a motorcycle accident due to SMA and have suffered a personal injury as a result, then please report it to your local authority and contact a lawyer. T

Motorcycle Accidents And Faulty Motorbike Equipment (Product Liability)
In cases where a fault with the motorbike itself or any added equipment is the cause of an accident and personal injury, there is still the opportunity to claim for financial compensation. A claim can be made against the manufacturer for negligence or for a breach of contract.

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