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Motorcyclists are much more vulnerable to accidents than someone travelling in a car or truck.  Other drivers are not always paying attention to a fast moving motorcycle, and when it comes to an accident the motorcyclist almost always puts the short straw. They have very little protection when involved in an accident. In Texas the law lets motorcycle riders get on the road without helmets. Which spells nothing but trouble, wearing a leather jacket may help protect from road-rash but not from broken bones. To make matters worse, many times, there is quick and unwarranted blame placed on the motorcycle driver.

Our Law Firm has taken on hundreds of motorcycle accident cases. We know how to handle someone attempting to avoid their responsibilities  and insurance companies trying to wiggle out of a payout. It is important to consult our reputable San Antonio motorcycle accident lawyers to guide you through the legal process. motorcycle accident attorneys san antonio - bike crash accident lawyers -

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a motorcycle accident, you should contact our qualified motorcycle accident attorneys as soon as you are able to do so. Early on, you should be advised of what to do and what not to do in the best interest of your claim for compensation. We  will guide you through the legal process and advise you regarding  what to do next and every step of the way.

To know your legal rights and get justice, call our law office to schedule a free initial consultation.

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San Antonio Motorcycle Crash Statistics

The number of motorcyclists killed in crashes dropped to 5,172 in 2017, a 3% decrease. That is still a huge number of fatalities. Motorcyclists are five times more likely than car passengers to be injured in an accident and 29 times more likely to sustain fatal injuries. It is evident that riding a motorcycle is dangerous.

Several motorcycle fatalities trends are highlighted in the infographic cited in NSC injury facts. Most motorcyclist fatalities occurred:

  • On urban roads (61%)
  • Under good weather conditions (89%)
  • Under daylight conditions (50%)
  • And in crashes involving two vehicles (53%)
  • With helmets (59%)

In addition, 71% of those involved in fatal motorcycle crashes were not drunk.

GHSA data indicate motorcycles with anti-lock brakes experienced 31% fewer fatalities than similar models without.

The risk of an open wound to the foot or ankle is 90% lower when you wear armored motorcycle boots.

Source: (

Speed was a factor in 32% of all motorcycle crashes involving fatalities, the highest proportion among all vehicle types.(source NHTSA )

As per CDC reports Using a helmet significantly reduces the risk of head injury during a motorcycle crash by 69%.

Though not always life-saving or injury-preventing, a helmet is important to your safety. In Texas, it is optional. It can definitely increase your chances of survival and lessen your chance of severe injury, so it is smart to wear a helmet.

Motorcyclists have to be doubly cautious. A motorcycle is not as noticeable as a car. Add distracted drivers to the equation and it is quite dangerous. A motorcyclist should be ultra-alert to everything going on around them. The very best of drivers can still have an accident.

San Antonio Motorcycle Accident – Who Can Be At Fault?

Car drivers cause many motorcycle accidents. Drivers should be mindful that they are sharing the road with much smaller vehicles and be diligent in watching out for them. Some of the common causes of motorcycle collisions are:

  • Driver not seeing the motorcycle

  • Following a motorcycle too closely

  • Sudden lane change in front of the motorcycle

  • Speeding

  • Aggressive driving

  • Distracted driving such as texting

  • Running red lights and stop signs

  • Reckless Driver

If it is evident that the other driver caused the accident, that person will receive a citation from the officer that arrives at the scene. If the cause of the accident isn’t evident, our legal team will gather and analyze information to make certain the driver responsible for the accident is held liable.

Motorcycle Manufacturers

It isn’t always a negligent driver that causes a motorcycle accident. There have been cases where a faulty part or incorrect assembly has been responsible for accidents. If you are traveling down the road and your brakes or a tire fails or perhaps the steering malfunctions, it can be disastrous. The manufacturer should be held liable for the damages and expenses you incur as a result of the accident.

Government Agencies

Road conditions that may be just a bother to someone in a car can be much more serious for a motorcyclist. State and city governments should keep the roads safe for all of us, and that includes motorcycles. Dangerous for a motorcyclist can be:

  • Failure to warn of hazards ahead

  • Uneven lanes

  • Worn shoulders

  • Pot holes

  • Large cracks

  • Unsafe speed limits for turns

If your accident was caused because of hazardous road condition, please contact our experienced San Antonio motorcycle accident attorneys for a consultation. Going up against the State of Texas or City of San Antonio takes the expertise of a highly experienced attorney. Our bike crash lawyers are well prepared to handle such cases and see that you get compensation.

No matter the circumstances of your motorcycle accident, our legal team is here to help you. Sometimes motorcyclists are unjustly blamed, and we can advise you of your rights, examine the evidence and prove who should be liable for the damages.

Common Injuries Due To Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can be unimaginably horrifying. Many motorcycle accidents are fatal for the riders and others involved. Those lucky enough to survive are left with debilitating injuries. A motorcycle crash can result in amputated limbs, broken bones, traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. Recovering victims may suffer from burns, paralysis, and nerve damage.

The road to recovery for those involved in a motorcycle wreck is a long, painful and arduous one. Apart from the health challenges, there is the additional burden of medical bills that start piling up. This situation is where you require an experienced personal injury attorney. In San Antonio, Texas, motorcycle laws are different. It would be best if you had our  reputed law firm with a team of experienced motorcycle accident attorneys to help you recover financially with a fair settlement.

What Can A Motorcyclist Do Protect Him Or Her Self Better

Helmet Law: All riders under the age of 21 have to wear a helmet when riding. Over 21- The riders have to complete a safety course first, then they can opt out. Kinda stupid, your head cracks like an eggshell when you hit the concrete at 35 miles an hour. So, wear that helmet.

A motorcyclist has virtually no protection around him in traffic, so it is advisable to be proactive:

  • Wear protective gear and of course a helmet!
  • Turn your headlights on.
  • Ride defensively.
  • The Center of a lane will have debris and oil build-up, stay away.
  • Maneuver at a safe speed at all time.

In 2018 – 418 motorcycle riders lost their lives on Texas roads. 201 were wearing helmets. 205 didn’t and for 12 deaths  among these, the police were  not able to determine if they did wear a helmet or not. Furthermore just about 2000 were seriously injured. Guys be careful out there, please!

Compensation For Motorcycle Accident Claim In San Antonio

In Texas, the compensation for motorcycle personal injury claims can vary with every case. In general, the compensation for motorcycle accident victims will cover the past and future medical expenses, lost earnings, pain, suffering, mental trauma, property damage and the effects of permanent disability.

But, calculating this compensation is easier said than done. It is impossible to put a price on an accident victim’s physical pain and mental trauma. Loss of a person’s  normal life due to permanent damage is certainly not quantifiable in dollars. However, in the interest of justice, the court tries to assign monetary compensation to help ease the burden.

The court will listen to both sides of the argument to arrive at a decision. You must have the best motorcycle accident lawyers to represents and argue on your behalf.Our

How Can A  Motorcycle Accident Lawyer In San Antonio Help You?

Our competent  motorcycle accident attorney in San Antonio will protect your rights and cover the bases in pursuit of fair compensation. We will be at your side to support you. You are not alone in handling your case any more with us on your side. The peace of mind that comes with hiring our motorcycle accident attorney will help you to concentrate on your physical and emotional recovery.

Armed with a team of highly experienced personal injury attorneys and accident attorneys, our law firm is one of the best in Texas. We have the finest  injury lawyers to represent clients in all matters concerning personal injury law.

Our lawyers direct their relentless support to secure fair financial compensation for clients who seek our help. Furthermore, we bill our services only if we successfully secure a financial settlement on their behalf.

We encourage motorcycle accident victims in San Antonio and Texas to communicate with our injury lawyers and get the best legal advice and guidance for a winning personal injury Claim.

Expert San Antonio Motorcycle Attorneys

We know how serious motorcycle accidents can be. Our legal team will do whatever it takes to make certain blame is rightfully placed, and you are justly compensated. Your recovery should be your main concern, while our motorcycle accident attorneys will fight for your rights.

Your initial consultation with our San Antonio motorcycle accident lawyers is free. This gives you an opportunity to get to know us and learn what your options are. We work on a contingency basis, meaning you are not charged unless we obtain financial compensation for you.

Motorcycle Accident Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

There are variations in the laws that apply to motorcycle drivers and car drivers in Texas if they are involved in accidents. Helmet laws are applicable for motorcyclists. Car drivers are expected to follow seat belt laws. The main difference, however, is that motorcyclists lack the protection that car drivers have. They are more vulnerable to devastating injuries when accidents occur. Hence, people responsible for motorcycle accidents need to be held accountable.

No. Here in Texas, the laws for motorcycle accidents are different, and so does the people’s perception of motorcycle cases. Each motorcycle accident case differs.  Hence, you require an experienced motorcycle  accident lawyer who specializes in handling motorcycle cases.  They should be armed with a proven track record of tackling the legal intricacies of motorcycle accidents. Besides, your attorney should be able to get you everything you are legally entitled to in these special cases.

Not at all. It is important to understand why insurance companies make an offer. Their prime objective is to close the case. In such circumstances, always consult your attorney before arriving at a decision. Our  experienced motorcycle accident attorney will give you the right guidance to work in your favor and help you pay your medical bills.

Once you are involved in a motorcycle accident, many immediate concerns need to be addressed. You require an experienced attorney who understands all the compensation you are entitled to receive. Your compensation ought to cover your extended medical care, rehabilitation, damaged motorcycle, and family expenses. Your attorney should also know how to help you receive a full and fair settlement for your extended medical bills and loss of pay from work.

It is not easy to give a timeframe for motorcycle accident cases in Texas. It can take a while for your case to be resolved. If you’ve suffered serious injuries, the case could go on until your lawyer secures full compensation for you. If you are an accident victim, you should always seek the guidance of a reputed law firm. Our accident attorneys will give you the right legal guidance and ensure you receive full compensation for your physical and mental troubles.