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Rely On Our Construction Accident Lawyers San Antonio For Your Case:

The construction industry is booming all over Texas, especially in the big cities such as San Antonio. Wether it is residential, commercial buildings or roadways expansions. Historically, construction sites

are prone  to have accidents happen. In the US more then 20% of fatal workplace accidents that happen are in construction, a very high number considering that this industry comprises itself of only 6% of the labor market.

Accidents and Injuries Common to Construction Sites

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Construction work is one of the most dangerous professions. Heavy equipment, working at great heights, scaffoldings, heavy equipment and many other factors can potentially make the worksite a vertical mine-field. Some of the most common accidents that happen at construction sites are:

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Falls At construction sites, employees will have to work at great heights. Building freeway connections, scaffolding for buildings, carpenters on ladders, the list goes on. All these are jobs that require workers to be at a dangerous heights. These jobs in general require the use of safety equipment. But it is not always used properly. In addition, the equipment can also fail. The height a worker falls from will usually decide the extent of their injuries. They are most often traumatic injuries involving internal injuries, broken bones, brain injury, spinal cord injury, or even death.

Power tool accidents There are a lot of power tools used in construction. Saws, nail guns, drills, sanders, and more that can cause serious injuries. Loss of fingers or limbs, eye injuries, lacerations, and numerous other serious injuries can happen in an instant.

Heavy machinery accidents Construction work, such as building highways and preparing a site for construction using heavy equipment such as excavators, backhoes, bulldozers, and others can also cause accidents. If a piece of equipment has a defect or if the person operating the machinery makes a mistake, it can cause serious injuries. A piece of equipment that large and heavy can easily crush a worker.

Electrocutions Almost any type of construction requires electricity. An unfinished structure will have exposed electrical systems, or may have systems that isn’t grounded yet. Electrical accidents can cause anything from severe burns to loss of limb or death.

Vehicle Accidents Road works on highways and in parts of the city are an usual sight these days. As a result, some workers might have to work on roads near to the highly traffic areas.  Despite signs warning drivers of the construction works and reduced speed limits, accidents still happen. Drunk, distracted, and speeding drivers can hit the construction workers working near the road.

If you or your loved one has been injured in a construction accident, it is crucial to hire our attorneys right away. We will  look for the evidence before it is cleared away. we will gather witness statements while the details are fresh on everyone’s mind. Our construction accident lawyers have handled many workplace accident cases. These cases can be extremely complicated and may involve different  workers and causes.  Our workplace accident attorneys will handle the entire legal process while you concentrate on your recovery. We want you to be able to return back to your life in the best condition possible after your accident. Please call our office for a free consultation. This will allow you to get to know us, and we can tell you what to expect and what your options are.

How To Avoid San Antonio Construction Accidents?

There is a substantial increase in the construction accidents that happen in a rapidly growing city like San Antonio. You can prevent construction accidents by following these helpful tips.

  • Invest in effective training for your employees.
  • Assemble adequate safety equipment and establish no-exception rules regarding its use.
  • Maintain regular oversight of the site, equipment, and maintenance records.
  • Safeguard all potentially hazardous tools.
  • Store and maintain equipment in dry, safe areas.
  • Respect safety regulations in your area, state, and country.

Parties Liable For Your Injuries In Construction Site

It can be difficult to determine who is liable for your injuries. Your employer will have to bear responsibility in cases where work-related injuries occur. When an injury occurs outside of employment or on a construction site, determining liability is more challenging. A third party may also be liable for your injuries if you were injured by defective equipment. Construction accidents may involve the following parties:

  • Owners of construction or building sites
  • Machine and equipment manufacturers in the construction industry
  • Other Vendors, Subcontractors, or Professionals
  • Employers

Should You Accept A Settlement Offer From An Insurance Company?

Accidents in the construction industry can cause permanent injuries or even fatalities. If you are injured in a work-related accident, your insurance company or employer may offer a settlement. As a visitor, you would be eligible for a settlement either from the insurance company or contractor(s) on-site at the time of your construction injury. But, is it worth accepting?

Accepting a settlement offer is tempting. But, unfortunately, there are expenses that you have to pay. Getting your life back to normal is all you want to do. Sadly, construction accident victims  don’t always receive fair treatment. Often, you won’t be offered enough funds to pay for your current medical expenses, time off work, and future medical care for your injury, in addition to any temporary or permanent disability you might experience. In addition, some circumstances may be so devastating that families do not receive enough to cover burial or funeral expenses, lost income, and companionship loss.

We advise you to let our San Antonio construction accident lawyers review any settlement offers before accepting them to ensure they are in your best interests. If it is not, we can help you fight for the compensation you deserve for your suffering.

San Antonio – Construction Industry Facts

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 53,000 people work in the construction industry in San Antonio-New Braunfels. In addition, the San Antonio Express-News reported in a recent article that construction work is carried out almost everywhere in San Antonio.

A large number of major construction projects have been undertaken in San Antonio, including the development of the $320 million San Antonio State Hospital, the construction of a $56 million apartment complex on San Pedro Creek, the improvement of Wolff Stadium, and the ten-lane expansion of US Highway 281.

Workplace injuries are happening at a high rate and most of them end up being extremely dangerous ones. If an injured construction worker cannot fulfill the physical demands of construction work, they may be out of work for weeks or months.

In the case of injured employees, some injuries may be covered exclusively by an employer’s workers’ compensation insurance if such coverage exists. However, if the workers’ compensation doesn’t cover the worker, they have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit against the company or the individuals responsible for the injury. Our San Antonio construction accident lawyer can assess your situation and determine the best legal course of action.They can help you receive full compensation for medical bills and accident-related losses.

Our Construction Accident Attorney Explains The OSHA Guidelines

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has strict guidelines to protect construction workers from unsafe work environments. A few of these guidelines are:

  • Accurate railings on large equipment
  • Safe procedures for handling hazardous materials
  • Visible warnings of dangerous conditions
  • Railings for elevated working positions
  • Wearing appropriate safety gear
  • Regulations governing electrical safety

OSHA regulations enforces rules for workplaces and ensures that employers follow them. Employers must also make sure employees are properly trained in working conditions that may be hazardous. It is unfortunate that many employers violate OSHA guidelines and are negligent. This leads to injuries among employees.

Our San Antonio Construction Accident Lawyers Are Fighting Hard For You

Employers in Texas have the option to carry workers’ compensation or not. If you were injured on the job and your employer does carry workers’ compensation coverage, you will need to file a claim for compensation with that insurer. Workers’ compensation insurance will pay your medical bills and lost wages due to your accident. You then will not have the right to file a lawsuit unless a non-employer third party caused the accident. Unfortunately, many times workers’ compensation claims are denied or offer inadequate compensation. Therefore, you should always have an attorney involved in your claim.

In the event a third party is responsible fully or partially for your accident, you have the right to file a claim against that party. Our experienced team of San Antonio construction accident lawyers will gather evidence to prove negligence on their part. In a progressive city, there are construction projects happening continuously. Safety should always come first, but sadly that is not always the case. If you or  your loved ones were involved in a construction accident, please call our construction accident lawyers in San Antonio to schedule a free consultation.

Construction Accident FAQs

Seek medical attention right away after reporting what happened.
Construction site accidents in Texas are covered by workers’ compensation, regardless of the nature of the injury. The type of injury and the severity of the injury varies in treatment.

Despite the wide range of injuries that may occur in construction accidents, they tend to have lasting effects on your life and ability to continue to practice your profession. However, you may be able to seek compensation based on your resources. A worker’s compensation claim may include the following damages in construction accidents:

  • Costs of medical care
  • Amounts lost from past or future wages
  • Benefits related to disability
  • Providing wrongful death benefits

An injury caused by a construction accident is like any personal injury case. While you can take up to two years from the date of injury to file a San Antonio construction accident lawsuit, you should file worker’s compensation much sooner. Your employer must be notified of your injury within a specified period of time, and you have one year after the injury to seek compensation. You should contact our law office if you or someone you love has been injured in construction accidents in San Antonio.

Sixty percent of these deaths were caused by just four kinds of accidents: Falling, electrocutions, being struck by an object, and being caught between objects are the four most common accidents in construction.